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Saltwater Inshore & Offshore Fishing Lures

saltwater fishing lureSaltwater Fishing Lures

Once you've fished with one of our saltwater or fresh water fishing lures, nothing else will do! Whether you’re trolling Inshore for Striped Bass, or offshore fishing with a lure at the canyons for Tuna, Marlin, or other big game species, Bliz Lures Bait Simulators will provide you the advantage you need to land the trophy fish of your choice!

Bliz Lures Products are distinctive in both design and construction. Every Bliz Lures Bait Simulator is backed with our proprietary Bite Warranty.

Freshwater Fishing Lures

Our freshwater lures offer a unique action and sound that drives fish wild! In many cases, our lures have proven effective when fish are finicky, and nothing else seems to work. In addition, our high quality freshwater lures are all made here in the USA. Many serious anglers will attest to the effectiveness of our classic lure offerings. Be sure to visit our chat forums to share your story using Bliz Lures products. If you send in a picture of you and your catch, and we use it in our testimonials section, we will send along a gift as our thank you. Click below to see our variety of lure designs that will put more fish at the end of your line!


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