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  1. Auto insurance discount for safety features

    Having airbags in your car lowers your risk of serious injuries. Car insurance companies give discounts for driver & passenger airbags and for side airbags.

    Anti-lock brakes
    Anti-lock brakes helps drivers keep in control of the car in an emergency situation. Most car insurance companies give discounts for cars equipped with anti-lock brakes.

    Anti-theft devices
    Car insurance companies give a discount on your comprehensive coverage if your car is equipped with a car alarm or a locator device.

  2. Incentive discounts

    Driver training or defensive driving course discount
    Car insurance companies give a discount if you have taken a certified driver training course or a defensive driving course. Check with your car insurance company to see if your course qualifies.

    Good driver discount
    If you have been ticket-free and accident-free for the past 3 years, you could qualify for the good driver discount.

    Good student discount
    Students with a "B" grade average or better are rewarded with a discount on their auto insurance rates. Insurers deem good students as more responsible drivers. You will be required to provide proof with a report card or transcript.

  3. Other discounts

    Senior discount
    Car insurance companies usually give discounts to seniors citizens over 65 years of age.

    Multiple car coverage discount
    If you are insuring two or more cars under the same car insurance policy, you can receive as much as 10% savings on your car insurance rate.

    Low mileage discounts
    You can receive a car insurance discount if your car is driven for the occasional outing and you put on less than a certain number of miles.
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