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Modify Your Car Insurance Coverage to Save Money

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There are a couple of changes you can make to your auto insurance coverage that could save you hundreds of dollars. These include:

Increase your deductibles - Auto insurance companies give significantly lower premiums for having a higher auto insurance coverage deductible. You will be paying more out-of-pocket for each auto insurance claim, but you are rewarded with lower premiums.

Lower coverage limits - By lowering your auto insurance coverage limits on bodily injury, property damage and uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury, you could lower your auto insurance premiums. While you reduce the risk the auto insurance company has to pay, your protection decreases. Drivers should balance their risk tolerance and affordability.

Limit optional coverages - Determine how often you will need optional auto insurance coverages such as towing, collision and comprehensive coverage on older cars, rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance coverage, and others. You could save money on you auto insurance coverage by paying out-of-pocket for these occasional charges.

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