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Safe Cars for Teenagers

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The auto insurance companies have placed teenagers in a high risk category. Statistically, teens have the highest death rate of any age group. This can be frightening to any parent who will be putting their teens behind the wheel. Choosing a safe vehicle is one major thing that parents can do to help protect their teen.

Avoid speed cars

A sports car or souped-up car encourages teens to speed and drive recklessly. Pick a car that is low profile and reduces the need for your teenager to speed.

Avoid SUV's

SUV's can be highly unstable in the hands of a inexperienced driver. Prone to rollovers when over-corrected, avoid SUV's for a more stable car.

Avoid older cars

Parents sometimes have the misconception that an older, bigger car will protect their teenager in a crash. However, today's cars are better designed for crash protection and have more safety features such as air bags and anti-lock brakes.

Avoid small cars

Go for the mid to full-size cars which provide more crash protection than a small car. Check the safety ratings before you buy a new car.

Choose a car with crash protection and safety features.

The Insurance Information Institute usually performs crash studies and rates cars based these studies. Go online to check which cars rated well in crash protection studies. Also choose a car with front airbags, anti-lock brakes, and/or side airbags.

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