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Teen Driving Tips: Think About Safety to Ensure Your Lowest Car Insurance Rates

By Sean Denny,
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Car insurance rates for a teen driver are many parents’ biggest concern, so it’s important to shop around for the best insurance quote when your teen starts to drive. You can take steps to make sure those quotes offer you the lowest possible rates. Auto insurance quotes take your teen’s driving record and type of vehicle into account. You can keep rates low by ensuring your teen drives safely and doesn’t get tickets. In the long run, a safe car and clean driving record are even better than a low quote in keeping your auto insurance rates down.

Before you contact an insurance company and compare quotes with your current policy or get a new auto insurance policy, do your homework on steps that can keep your insurance rates – and your claims – down. Auto insurance for teens will vary by type of vehicle and the car’s safety features, and whether your state has enacted a graduated driver’s licensing program that phases in teen driving privileges.

Safer car, lower rates
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety advises parents to choose a car for their teen by safety, not by image. Small cars, for example, don’t offer the best protection in an accident, and some trucks and SUVs are more prone to roll over. Those safety factors can mean the difference between an affordable auto insurance policy and car insurance rates that break the bank.

Sporty cars might encourage speeding, and SUVs with roll-over possibilities are choices that will drive up car insurance rates, because insurance companies rate these vehicles by statistics on speeding tickets or accidents. Even careful teens don’t have much experience with different road conditions, and may make an abrupt steering move that can cause an accident.

Insurance discounts for airbags
Because teenagers are much more likely to get in car accidents, look for cars with good crash protection. It’s no coincidence that a car with airbags, strong bumpers and a solid construction will get better ratings from an insurance company – and help keep your auto insurance rates down. Many insurance companies offer premium discounts for cars with airbags.

Seat belts save lives, money on insurance
Be diligent about making sure your teen wears the seat belt. In some states, police can issue tickets for not wearing a seat belt, even if a driver does not commit any other infraction. Safety and a clean driving record go hand-in-hand, and are rewarded by insurers.

Many other factors contribute to your teen being a safe new driver. Use of a cell phone or eating while driving are distractions that can lead to accidents. Parents must have zero tolerance for teens using alcohol. They should consider restricting night driving and whether their teen can have other teen passengers.

Teens might learn only the basics in a driver’s education course, so parents should take the time to ride with a teen who’s practicing, and let them test their skills under many different conditions. Remember, too, that parents are the main role models for teens, so your driving habits will reflect on theirs.

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