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Senior Drivers and Car Insurance Rates

Senior drivers have more driving experience and are less likely to drive aggressively or speed. Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to senior drivers over the age of 55.

However, physical and medical conditions are the primary risk factors for seniors. Older drivers are more likely to be hearing impaired, have slower reflexes, have sight deterioration, and be on prescription drugs that could affect their reaction time. Night driving and bad weather conditions may become more difficult. Talk to your physician if you suspect that your driving skills are affected. Use common sense and try to avoid driving when conditions outside are dangerous.

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Other simple things seniors can do to drive safely and keep their low auto insurance premiums include:

  • Avoid night driving
  • Have regular eye exams and be aware of changes to your peripheral vision
  • Avoid heavy traffic and unfamiliar roads
  • Drive on well-lighted roads
  • Wear the proper glasses
  • Keep headlights and windshields clean
  • Know the effects of your prescription drugs and avoid driving when drowsy or tired


Special defensive driving classes are designed for senior drivers. Your auto insurance company may offer discounts for senior drivers who have completed a qualified driving class.

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