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Flash Flood Safety

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When it rains heavily, there may be flash floods. Flash floods usually occur in mountain streams in canyons but they do occur in cities as well. A flash flood warning means that flash flooding is occurring or is imminent. You can lose control of your car in just six inches of flood water. Flood waters can pick up cars, campers, vans, recreation vehicles, and roll them downstream. Flash floods kill about 135 Americans annually. Here are a few safety tips to protect yourself if you are in your car during flash flooding or encounter flood waters.

  • Never try to cross water in a vehicle, whether the water is moving or not.

  • Watch for flooding at bridges and dips in the road

  • Never drive where water is over the bridge or roads. The bridge or road could be washed out and many not even be there under the water.

  • Be especially careful if you're driving at night.

  • If your vehicle stalls in rapidly rising water, abandon it immediately and move to higher ground.

  • Never try to walk or swim through swiftly moving water.

  • If your driving through canyon country along a stream and hear a flash flood warning, leave your car and climb to higher ground. Don't try to outrun the flash flood.



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