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Car Seat Safety: How to safely buckle kids in the car

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Adjustments in car seat safety should be followed as your child grows. Children 12 and under should always sit in the back seat. And do not place child safety seats in the passenger seat where there is an active airbag.

Infant car seat safety

For infants from birth to at least 20 pounds AND at least 1 year old.
  • Infant car seat or convertible seat should be placed in the back seat and should be rear-facing.
  • Top harness strap should be in the lower slots, at or below the shoulder level.
  • Fasten top of the harness clip at armpit level.
  • Never place a rear-facing infant seat in the passenger seat with an active airbag.
  • Infant car seat should be no greater than a 45 degree angle.
  • Harness straps should be stug when fasten.

Toddler car seat safety

For toddlers 20 pounds to 40 pounds and over 1 year old.
  • Child car seat should be placed in the back seat and should be forward-facing.
  • Follow the instructions from the car safety seat manufacturer and your car's owner's manual.
  • Top harness straps should be at or above the shoulder level.
  • Fasten harness clip at armpit level.
  • Keep harness straps snug.

Young children car seat safety - Car booster seats

For children 4-8 years and/or under 4'9".
  • Use a booster seat that positions the lap and shoulder belt correctly.
  • Place shoulder strap over the shoulder and snug across the chest.
  • Place lap belt across the child's hips, NOT over stomach.
  • Make sure shoulder strap does not cross the face or the front of the neck. Older Children and seat belts

Big Kids seat belt safety

For children over 8 years old or 70 pounds or more.

  • When a child is tall enough to sit with knees bent at the edge of the seat, they can use the adult lap and shoulder seat belt.
  • Shoulder belt fits over the shoulder and across the chest.
  • Lap belt should fit low and tight on hips, NOT over stomach.
  • Shoulder belt should NEVER be placed under the arms or behind the back.
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