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Preventing Auto Theft
by Car Insurance Rates Online

Auto theft incidences are on the rise. Auto theft is a crime that rises auto insurance rates for the car's owner and everyone who owns an insured vehicle. Car Insurance Rates Online recommends these simple tips so you can help to prevent your car, truck, or van from being stolen.

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Prevent Auto Theft

  • Keep valuables out of sight. Place personal property in the trunk and take any valuables with you.
  • Take your keys. Never leave you car running unattended with keys in the ignition. It's very easy for running vehicles to be stolen at convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Lock your car. Approximately 50 percent of stolen vehicles were left unlocked.
  • Don't leave the registration in the car. Keep your registration card in you wallet.
  • Keep your car in a locked garage. Prevent your car from being a attractive target by keeping it in a garage. Most cars are stolen off the street or from public parking areas. Be sure to still lock the car while it is kept in the garage.
  • Park in well-lighted areas at night. Over half of all vehicle thefts occurred at night.
  • Park in attended lots. Thefts prefer unattended parking lots where there is less chance of them being noticed.
  • Use a anti-theft security device like a steering wheel lock or a gear shift column lock.
  • Use audible car alarms. Even annoying car alarms can be effective deterrents against amateur thieves.

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