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Personal Injury Protection - PIP

Personal injury protection is offered by auto insurance companies in some states when you buy an auto insurance policy. However, a few state with no-fault laws require motorists to purchase PIP as part of their auto insurance policy. The rising cost of medical care has made PIP coverage more expensive in recent years. If you carry PIP on your automobile it applies to all autos you insure, and auto insurance companies charge a premium for every auto.

What PIP covers

PIP pays pays your medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, funeral expenses, survivors' benefits and other damages regardless of fault. PIP doesn't cover injuries caused by using farm equipment, recreational or off road vehicles. It won't cover intentional injuries to the insured person or if the person is injured in organized racing activities or committing a felony.

Who is covered under the Personal Injury Protection coverage

PIP covers the insured persons named on the policy, relatives living in the insured's household including spouse, adopted, step or foster children and any passengers in the car. Covered persons are also protected if they were injured in an auto accident as a pedeestrian.

Should you buy PIP if your state does not require it

Take a look at your personal situation. If you and your family already have health care coverage and disability coverage then PIP may be duplicate coverage. Also if you seldom transport passengers who aren't residents of your household, you may not need the added protection.

Some companies offer basic medical payments coverage, usually with some level of modest coverage, such as $5,000 for medical treatment only. This coverage is also available regardless of who is at fault. You can also request higher limits for PIP coverage if you feel you need more protection than the basic limits offer.

You can get free Car Insurance Quote with PIP coverage online.


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